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After a career of 15 years in the petfood industry, Cécile Niceron created Vista Pets, a company specializing in in-home pet product testing. She was previously employed in research and development at SPF-Diana, where she gained recognized experience across a wide array of fields. Dr Niceron’s speciality is development of innovative palatants and measurement of food preferences in cats and dogs. She holds a graduate degree in Food Science and a PhD in the area of food flavors.




The Vista Pets company provides research services to the pet food industry. Vista Pets carries out consumer studies to understand the food preferences of cats and dogs as well as the expectations of their owners.

Because no one knows pet preferences better than the pets themselves, Vista Pets specializes in evaluating the performance of pet products through in-home studies.

Because your pet’s preference and your own opinion matter, we invite you to join our consumer panels. Your feedback will influence development of new quality products for your pet.

Vista Pets has recognized expertise in the field of pet food palatabilty measurement. This know-how ensures the quality services needed for the success of your projects.

Our  news

Viste pets petfood forumVista Pets will be at the Petfood Forum Europe and Interzoo at Nüremberg in May 2022.

Please contact us if you wish to organize a meeting.



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